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Four reasons these African countries may not be ready to Netflix and chill

South African flag on keyboard key next to Netflix on key

Last month, Netflix launched its service globally — to the joy of people in 130 countries across the world. Now that Netflix is available across Africa, it’s about time to note problems the service can encounter.   Existence of other channels Netflix may be a global name, but there are a number of quality internet… Read More

Putin: “Internet is CIA Special Project,” Orders Alternate Russian Wikipedia

It’s well known that Wikipedia is not the most reliable source for accurate information. There are not many active editors, the diversity among editors is minimal, and anybody can vandalize entries by editing information. Plus, Wikipedia itself says, “We do not expect you to trust us.”   Russian president Vladimir Putin calls the Internet a “CIA… Read More

Rihanna’s Topless Instagram Picture: Does it Empower Women?

Rihanna recently created a stir throughout the Internet when she posted topless photos of herself on Instagram. The site almost immediately removed the pictures and suspended her account, however the message remains: Nipples are inappropriate.   This idea has been the root cause of much controversy. Why are female nipples seen as “indecent exposure” and… Read More

Media Censorship in a Democracy, When is the News Unbiased?

Every day, whether we realize it or not, the messages we receive are carefully selected and filtered for us by many different outlets. In a modern and progressive era, it is becoming increasingly important to analyze which content is being modified and by whom. The definition of censorship is “the control of the information and ideas… Read More