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Classic Movie Monday: The Sandlot, One of The Sweetest Coming-Of-Age Films of All Time

The Sandlot.  This classic kids movie from 1993 deserves a mention for many reasons. Not only is the movie filled with many classic quotes (“you’re killin’ me smalls!”), along with movies like “The Goonies” and “A Christmas Story,” “Sandlot” is great because it provides the simple childhood tales of your average group of kids through… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: “Bridesmaids” is Already There

“12 Angry Men,” “The Godfather,” “Citizen Kane,” “A Streetcar Named Desire”… These movies from the Golden Age are all films that critics and film buffs would consider American classics. Purists in the film business pine for a more refined time; the class, the drama, the pinnacle of cinema. There is some truth to this. When… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: Ghostbusters

This August marks the 30th Anniversary of one of the most beloved action-comedy films of all time: “Ghostbusters”! This pioneer movie of the supernatural-comedy niche genre was released in 1984 to an ecstatic audience and single-handedly became the pinnacle of pop culture and essentially the entire childhood of anyone who grew up in the 80’s, right up there… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: Pulp Fiction

The wacky and haunting world of Quentin Tarantino unravels for one of the first times in this iconic 1994 treasure, “Pulp Fiction.” This film is the quintessential movie of the 90’s, stamped with Tarantino’s signature allure for gore, violence, controversy, and convoluted, overlapping, and time-bending plot-lines. This movie established Tarantino as a dextrous, unconventional, madcap filmmaker, and a very dynamic storyteller to… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: The Graduate

“The Graduate,” a 1967 gem directed by Mike Nichols, was an immediate American classic. The film is a quirky treasure with a very unique aesthetic and message that sets it apart from other 60’s movies; it doesn’t have that characteristic stagnant, overly-dramatized feeling common in some movies of the same era — it is dynamic and engaging,… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: Good Will Hunting

This life changing classic from the mid-90’s, directed by Gus Van Sant, is a must-see movie that gets better and better every time you watch it. It is simply a beautifully made film; it is a deep and emotional, yet funny and accessible movie about finding one’s identity and accepting one’s past in order to… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“Bueller…? Bueller…?”   “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” forever the movie that eternalized the ultimate teenage rebellion fantasy and simultaneously detailed the adventure of a lifetime, remains the quintessential and universally quotable 80’s coming-of-age film. Not only is this movie absolutely genius and so funny you walk that fine line between laughing and crying, there are many important philosophies… Read More

Classic Movie Monday: The First Wives Club

“First Wives Club” is one of the best revenge-fantasy/comedy movies of the 90’s.  True, this type of film is a rarity, but the 1996 movie, directed by Hugh Wilson and based on the novel written by Olivia Goldsmith, is a shining beacon of female triumph and an ode to the bond all women have experienced: sisterhood.  … Read More

Classic Movie Monday: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

This week’s Classic Movie Monday pick is the 1961 classic film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” This charming New York love story is the quintessential romantic comedy; it tells the story between a boy and a girl, while simultaneously detailing the tale of a love affair with New York City. The opening scene sets the tone for the entire… Read More