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Going vegan to save your body and the planet

On average, the United States consumes around 478 billion pounds of meat, or 270 pounds per person, every year. U.S. citizens are the second largest consumers of meat in the world. Recent studies  by the USDA and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey have displayed an array of health defects directly associated with meat… Read More

Global warming: More Americans say action is needed

With rising sea levels, warmer oceans, and heightened temperatures threatening wildlife and crops, Earth is at risk from the dramatically changing climate, and people are finally starting to acknowledge it as a problem. According to new polling data, a record number of Americans see climate change as a global threat. Global warming is rapidly becoming… Read More

Ikea and climate change: The PR benefit of responsible policies

More and more, companies have begun to recognize major social issues and events as potential opportunities. Anheuser-Busch regained some lost public trust while providing relief to flood victims in The Bible Belt, and Facebook has started introducing new features to identify and address issues of mental health and suicide.   Now, it seems that even… Read More

Ben and Jerry’s new flavor to highlight brand’s environmental responsibility

It’s always good news when Ben and Jerry’s comes out with a new flavor of ice cream, but the newest addition to the brand’s already impressive flavor collection comes with some extra cause for celebration.   This is because the new Ben and Jerry’s “Save Our Swirled” flavor was created with a unique goal in… Read More

Will Climate Change Awaken Ancient Disease?

We’re all familiar with the consequences of climate change: shrinking glaciers, failing ecosystems, increasing heat waves — the list goes on. However, scientists still can’t predict every single consequence of climate change. As our planet continues to change, new issues will continue to reveal themselves.   At the University of California, scientists were recently successful in… Read More

In Bold Move, Obama Finally Tackles Climate Change

Barack Obama is nearing the end of his presidential road, and the view outside his windows is not a comforting one. Behind him, the rocky early years of his presidency fade into the mists of history. Ahead of him, the stomach-churning prospect of an actively obstructionist Republican majority in the House and Senate rears its… Read More