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Hot Topics in Health: Smart Textiles, The Latest Wearable Technology To Monitor Your Health Status

These days, wearable technology and health are becoming increasingly interconnected, particularly as technology is being created to enhance and improve quality of life and well-being. Nevertheless, we are yet to see this kind of health monitoring wearable tech make its way into clothing. A Canadian university, however, may be changing that.   Researchers at Université… Read More

Mindful Shopping: Online Retailer Zady Launches “Sourced In” Initiative to Promote Conscious Consumerism

The online retailer Zady began as a site with the goal of creating a new standard in clothing. The creators of the site, Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi, sought to build a shopping experience which was driven by products made with not just style and quality in mind, but environmental impact and high labor standard… Read More