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Brock Turner: the All-American rapist who got 6 months

On June 2, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced 20-year-old Brock Turner to six months in county jail and three years of probation for three charges of sexual assault after raping a 23-year-old woman at Stanford University on January 18, 2015.   Just in case anyone was wondering #brockturner #brockturnerisarapist https://t.co/Z7IFCVbSKC pic.twitter.com/G9dBC2c388… Read More

One Night at Bernie’s: Med students suspended for partying with a corpse

Characters from Weekend at Bernie's

College can be stressful on any student, especially students in medical school. Taking time to blow off some steam is vital for stress management. Nine med-students decided to take a break and unwind as they celebrated their last night before becoming fully-qualified doctors, and they decided to invite a guest that was just dying to… Read More

For-Profit Colleges File Lawsuit Against Federal Government

For-profit colleges are privately managed educational institutions that are run by businesses with the intention to seek profit. In 1992, a federal regulation called the 90-10 rule began to require for-profit colleges to amass no more than 90 percent of their total profit from students’ federal aid money. Still, this allows for-profit colleges to make… Read More

Students Catch School Shooting on Camera While Filming Music Video

This June, filmmaker James Marcus Haney was creating a music video for Bear’s Den, a three man band from London. Haney wanted to create music video that would perfectly embody their song “Elysium,” so he decided to film his younger brother and his friends in their day-to-day lives in college at Seattle Pacific University, in Seattle.… Read More

Shared Closets and Other Reasons Roommates Are the Best Thing Since Sunday Brunch

Childhood bunk beds, boarding school, college dorms, and overpriced city apartments are all breeding grounds for (a) bacteria and (b) lifelong friendships. There is nothing like close quarters to bring people closer together, literally and figuratively. There may or may not be science on the matter, but it seems safe to state that if you… Read More