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WhatsApp: A networking trend among millennials

Individuals in business attire sitting around a white conference table

Days of lengthy in-person meetings may soon become a thing of the past. In the Kenyan town Maru and the Tanzanian city Arusha, WhatsApp has been successfully implemented as a platform for health workers’ communication.   Generation Y has been bred to communicate best in quick, electronic snippets of information. This leaves the impression that… Read More

Flight etiquette: Is JetBlue’s latest campaign a marketing success or a failed effort?

When you’re in the business of communication, you learn through experience that there is no perfect way to send a message to the public. Regardless of your approach, there will always be those who hear your intended message loud and clear, and there will always be those on whom the message is lost. For JetBlue… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Brain Imaging Can Now Help Predict Human Behavior

As PR practitioners, our job here at MUIPR is all about building relationships. It’s about getting to know the public on an emotional level and using that connection to build personalized communication. Just like a personalized approach is a central part of what we do, so too can it be a major benefit in other… Read More

Cuddling For Strangers: Is Cuddlr a Realistic App in Today’s World?

A new app recently started getting attention as the “Tinder for cuddling”; the platonic meet-up app of the location-based social app world.   Cuddlr was essentially created as a pressure-free way for people to find others in their vicinity who were interested in connecting but solely platonically. It sought to be a tool users could… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: Brain-to-Brain Interfacing May Be the Future of Communication

It’s not always easy to vocalize your thoughts, but an inability to do so unfortunately means an inability to communicate effectively with others. But what if you could communicate without a single word? What if you could communicate with nothing but your thoughts themselves?   In successfully replicating direct brain-to-brain communication between individuals, it seems… Read More

Where Technology is Taking Us (SPOILER ALERT: It Isn’t Towards Human Closeness)

We’ve all experienced it: you’re sitting in a room with friends or family, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, two minutes go by, and no one is speaking. You look around only to find that everyone in the room has their eyes locked on their own respective electronic device. The TV is probably running, as well. We… Read More