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Writing for mobile and social audiences

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Online readers aren’t typical readers. The nature of mobile and social is that readers on both platforms are on the move and pressed for time. They’re looking for instant information, news, and bits of entertainment — with an emphasis on “instant.” Naturally, writing for mobile and social takes a different approach than writing traditional prose.  … Read More

West Africa’s leading airline announces sponsorship of MUIPR’s master class at Social Media Week Lagos

Arik Air, West Africa’s leading airline, announced that it is a sponsor of MUIPR’s master class in writing and communication, at the annual Social Media Week conference in Lagos. The event — which is being promoted using the official hashtags #SMWComms and #SMWAfrica — will take place on Thursday, February 26, from 12 to 1:00… Read More

Live streams, instant video, 140 characters of text are the new normal for the social mobile age

Remember when you would deploy 1000 plus words of content in your press releases?   How about when you used to spend copious amounts of money on advertisers and their agencies for prime placement on TV, national newspapers, and magazines?   Those outrageous days of sending all your news to print and utilizing traditional broadcast… Read More

Is it possible to change deeply rooted public perceptions shaped by gender?

From the way we express our emotions to the language we use in confrontations, men and women have vastly different ways of communicating. The different communication styles are deeply rooted in perceptions shaped by gender, the various ways men and women view the world around them. For those of us in communications, this presents challenges that… Read More

Here’s What’s Ahead for Social Media and Technology in Quarter One of the New Year

It is going to be an exciting quarter one for the global technology world.   From the Consumer Electronics Show this month in Las Vegas, Nevada; to the Social Media Week Conference (SMW) occurring between February 23 and 27, in 22 cities around the world; and the SXSW Interactive taking place in Austin, Texas, between… Read More

Do I Really Need a PR Company?

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The Internet has changed the way we do business, requiring marketers, advertisers, and public relations practitioners to rethink the way they send messages to the public and communicate through the media. Although the changes have been mostly positive, they’ve also caused a lot of confusion. The end result is that advertising, marketing, and public relations… Read More