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Americans Rejoice as Confederate Flag Removed from South Carolina Statehouse

Confederate flag for sale at Vermonster 4x4 Rally

Today marked an absolutely historic day for the American people; after intense debate and deliberation, the South Carolina legislature and Governor Nikki Haley finally called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse.   In an emotional ceremony, state troopers lowered the flag, methodically folded it, and proceeded to remove it… Read More

Ban one, ban all: Is removing Confederate flags from displays equivalent to censoring rap music?

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The recent incident in Charleston has motivated several corporations, such as Amazon and Walmart, to pull the Confederate flag from their retail shelves. This action then motivated Sean Hannity, Fox News host, to unleash a rant saying that this decision should move for the removal of rap music from stores as well.   “Can you… Read More