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Starbucks Marketing Logics: Get Together Or Buy More Coffee?

Happy day-after-National Coffee Day! Instead of sipping on a basic Pumpkin Spice Latte, our editorial team tried on the researcher role in order to study a new advertising trend.   Starbucks, in particular, has taken on the mission of getting people together. Two of the coffee giant’s latest television spots titled ‘Get Together’ and ‘Are… Read More

When News and Advertising Mixes: The Case of 2 Buck Trouble

Any Trader Joe’s junkie boasts knowledge of “2 Buck Chuck,” a nickname deriving from the “Charles Shaw” wine brand. Okay, it now retails for $2.99, but it’s certainly garnered more than two bucks in national attention. The cheap wine came under fire when Huffington Post published an article that turned out to actually be a… Read More

Corporate Spotlight Series: Amazon

You know you’re hooked on a company when you swear by buying your textbooks from them rather than the campus bookstore. Better yet, when your professor recommends you purchase texts on the syllabus from that virtual company, that’s when you know the business is onto something. That’s the thing about Amazon. The company has grown… Read More

Mattel Honors Mom’s Wish, Debuts Barbie

A mother’s love truly knows no bounds. This summer, one mom demonstrated a grand gesture of dedication to her daughter by changing the way big business operates. Mattel, a brand staple embedded in countless childhoods, decided to honor Melissa Bumstead’s wishes for her 4-year-old daughter. Bumstead’s daughter Grace was diagnosed with a rare strand of… Read More

Always #LikeAGirl Ad Explores Self-Confidence And Puberty in Girls

How would you respond if you were asked to perform a task “like a girl” would? Do you think your natural reaction would be altered? Exploring this very topic, Sundance Film Festival award-winning filmmaker Lauren Greenfield documented gender stereotypes for P&G brand “Always.” The video campaign/social experiment titled “#LikeAGirl” follows subjects reactions to commands. The… Read More

“America’s Doctor,” Dr. Oz Under Fire in Ad Scandal

Dr. Mehmet Oz could use Oprah on his side right about now. “America’s Doctor” has been under fire in the court system recently for his indirect support of ingredients and supplements that have resurfaced in ad scams on the Web. Although the telegenic doctor and television host claims he did not have knowledge of the… Read More