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Bye, Bye Brand: “24/7 Wall St.” Predicts Annual List

Here at MUIPR, brand loyalty consumes our daydreams. Our writers seek to understand what makes Americans partial to certain brands and abhor others. We’re not the only ones. “Business Insider” recently briefed this writer on brand predictions for ten companies where the odds aren’t looking pretty. The publication shed some light on “24/7 Wall Street’s”… Read More

News Flash: “Clueless” Wardrobe Now a Reality

First, it was “Fancy.” Now, there’s a wardrobe. Would Amy Heckerling be proud to know that “Clueless” continues to inspire entertainers and style-mongers alike? She should be. The 1995 cult classic loosely based off of Jane Austen’s “Emma,” features a milieu of pop culture references that will not cease and desist. We at MUIPR are… Read More