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Apolis unveils shop in NYC

As the world becomes more and more connected, Americans continue to develop global consciousness in all regards, including our consumption. A stroll through any specialty grocery store will demonstrate the popularity of Fair Trade certified products, but the desire to purchase ethically sourced products extends far beyond that market. Consumers have begun to seek out goods… Read More

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey boosts employee morale after big layoffs

Twitter's Twitter page

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced that he will be giving a third of his company stock to the employee equity pool. The shares are valued at around $200 million and make up about 1 percent of the company.   Dorsey tweeted that he made this decision because he wants to “reinvest directly in our people.”… Read More

FCC to fight high cost of inmate phone call services

Man sits at a prison pay phone

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has recently spoken out against the high price many U.S. citizens are paying just to stay in contact with their incarcerated family members.   According to Clyburn, a family could spend an average of $500 a month for their phone calls with someone in prison. With the prison telephone rates set around… Read More

5-hour Energy creator using his fortune to help the world

Manoj Bhargava, creator of 5 hour energy

The creator of 5-hour Energy, Manoj Bhargava, has decided to make the philanthropic move to give 99 percent of his $4 billion fortune away to fix problems that are affecting people across the globe. Bhargava is currently attempting to end the energy crisis with the creation of a stationary bike that can power a person’s… Read More

Ben and Jerry’s new flavor to highlight brand’s environmental responsibility

It’s always good news when Ben and Jerry’s comes out with a new flavor of ice cream, but the newest addition to the brand’s already impressive flavor collection comes with some extra cause for celebration.   This is because the new Ben and Jerry’s “Save Our Swirled” flavor was created with a unique goal in… Read More

Flood relief: Anheuser-Busch finally gets it right

Close up image of canned water

Water and beer go hand in hand; if you don’t believe that, just look at how the California drought has affected the state’s microbreweries. Major macro-brewer, Anheuser-Busch, has ceased beer production and instead taken to canning fresh water to provide relief for those affected by devastating flooding in Texas and Oklahoma.   In those two… Read More

Tracy Morgan: “Wal-Mart stepped up”

Photo showing the wreckage involving a Wal-Mart freight truck that was responsible for the death of Tracy Morgan.

Last year, the nation watched as one of its most beloved entertainers suffered an unimaginable tragedy. On June 7, 2014, a Wal-Mart owned freight truck driven by 35-year-old Kevin Roper slammed into a limo occupied by Tracy Morgan (“SNL,” “30 Rock”) and his friend, James McNair. The accident killed McNair and left Morgan in a… Read More

Sabra recalls 30,000 containers of potentially contaminated hummus

Sabra hummus on the shelf in a refrigerated section of a grocery store.

Hummus has surged in popularity over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why. The chickpea based spread possesses a high protein and fiber content, providing a healthy alternatives to other dips, such as guacamole and ranch. Sales have experienced steady growth over the last decade, taking it from a rare find… Read More

Organic food company Amy’s Kitchen proves the worth of going the extra mile in crisis communications

When a crisis hits, it is crucial for a brand or company to respond in a prompt, intelligent manner to maintain a positive reputation in the eyes of the public. Even in the realm of positive crisis communications, however, it’s still possible to differentiate between efforts that simply get the job done and approaches that… Read More

The ultimate baby bag: TOMS expands its One for One mission with bags, birth kits

TOMS is a company that has built a strong business model on the foundation of a simple concept: giving back to those in need. Through its unique One for One mission, TOMS started off by matching every pair of shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes for children in need. From there, TOMS expanded… Read More