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Corporate Series Spotlight: Intuit

Each week, we strive to spotlight companies with promising practices that drive profitability and brand public relations.   This week, we profile, Intuit, a $4.5 Million application software corporation founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx.  Today. Intuit provides financial and tax preparation services to small businesses, accountants and individuals.   Headquartered in… Read More

Corporate Series Spotlight: Zappos’ Employee-Friendly Culture Fosters Positive Customer Experience

Zappos really does deliver happiness. The shoe and clothing retailer remains customer-centric and treats its employees with the utmost respect. Despite being acquired by Amazon in 2009, the company has been able to keep its corporate culture in tact. Named one of Fortune’s Best 100 Companies To Work For in 2013, the company continues to… Read More

Corporate Series Spotlight: Nordstrom

Each week we strive to share the best entrepreneurial business advice, but we also have found that by examining the most trusted corporations, we learn what makes businesses work the best by its consumers.   With Labor Day and back to school sales gearing up, we’ve decided to focus our collective attention on the retail… Read More

Corporate Spotlight Series: Amazon

You know you’re hooked on a company when you swear by buying your textbooks from them rather than the campus bookstore. Better yet, when your professor recommends you purchase texts on the syllabus from that virtual company, that’s when you know the business is onto something. That’s the thing about Amazon. The company has grown… Read More

Companies Doing Good: LUSH Enlists In The Fight Against Shark Finning

Memories of this writer’s ascent into the world of “girl” almost always included the smell of mom’s “LUSH Karma” potions sifting through the air. Those yummy smells beckoned one certain study abroad troupe through its warm doors while overseas. Our peacoat-clad group couldn’t stand the Edinburgh chill a moment longer, and it was LUSH that welcomed… Read More

Want to Influence Consumers? Take on a Positive Message

What are the attributes of a company with positive impact? What comes to mind when you think of companies that strive to do good by their consumers? Business schools teach entrepreneurship students that identifying the target consumer and locating that consumer’s pain point determines success; however, is that all that goes into the mix of… Read More