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Potential ‘Counter-Strike’ pro league faces big problem

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Some of the biggest “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” tournament coordinators in the world have been discussing their plan to band together and develop a global circuit for the e-sport.   The groups involved in this possible alliance consist of the e-sports tournament organizers MLG, StarLadder, PGL, CEVO, Gfinity, and FACEIT. If this massive tournament goes through,… Read More

Can e-sport leagues survive outside of online streaming?

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Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) has announced that they are developing a “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” e-sports league that will air on television in 2016.   Almost every e-sports league exclusively airs online, but TBS has made the bold decision to bring “Counter-Strike” to their network. The league will have two seasons each year that will last… Read More