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No YouTubers or Tweeters Welcome: Dublin Hotel Bans Social Media Influencers

An image of elle darby (youtube blogger) and white moose cafe

As it turns out, the hospitality industry might not be the biggest fans of social media personalities, particularly following a strange encounter between a YouTuber named Elle Darby and The White Moose Hotel in Dublin. On January 16, The White Moose Hotel posted on their Facebook page, an email from the health and beauty YouTuber essentially requesting… Read More

3 crisis communications lessons we can learn from the KKK leak

Guy Fawkes masks are worn

The hacktivist group Anonymous started leaking the names of over 350 individuals that they claim are Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members on Nov. 5. This incident is potentially damaging to any employer that had an employees name appear on Anonymous’s list.   With the rise of hacktivism, it’s important for PR teams to have a plan… Read More

Pharmaceutical company embroiled in Enron-sized scandal

Valeant building

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. is in full-on crisis mode amidst accusations of fraudulent accounting practices. Citron Research, a provider of short-focused market commentary, has reported that the Canadian pharmaceutical company is storing excess inventory in subsidiaries and then reporting that inventory as sales revenue. These types of unethical accounting practices are very similar to those… Read More

3 PR lessons we can learn from “The Briefcase”

In May, CBS aired the first episode of their new television show, “The Briefcase,” and controversy has surrounded the show since.   “The Briefcase,” created by Dave Boome, is a reality show that films two families with financial troubles. Each family is offered $101,000 and given the option to keep the money, split the money with another… Read More

Lilly Pulitzer’s fat-shaming crisis highlights role of individual employees in brand imaging

Picture of a food table at Lilly Pulitzer headquarters.

Women’s clothing line Lilly Pulitzer found itself in a sticky situation after being the subject of an article published in New York Magazine. The article’s original intent was to give readers a look into the fashion line’s headquarters, but instead was criticized for a harsh display of fat-shaming.     The article is a slideshow… Read More

Should I stay or should I go?: FIFA risks losing major sponsors

Sepp Blatter at a press conference announcing his resignation upon re-election for another term as President of FIFA.

It has been close to six months since FIFA lost major sponsors amid last year’s bribery allegations, and they continue to risk losing even more.   On Wednesday, FIFA officials were arrested on allegations of racketeering, wire fraud, and money laundering. The scandal surrounding the FIFA corruption involves £100 million, and now millions in sponsorship revenue… Read More

Konami apologizes to outraged gamers amid a myriad of controversies

Last week, gaming giant Konami issued an apology to fans outraged by the company’s supposed “mobile first policy.”   In an interview, Konami CEO Hideki Hayakawa stated that the company’s “main platform will be mobile,” leading many to believe that the company would move away from the well-known and beloved console titles — see: “Metal Gear… Read More

Google crowdsourcing crisis highlights dilemma for brands seeking to empower public

Image of someone holding a phone in their hand with the Google Maps application in use.

Google has officially set things straight after its crowd sourcing approach to content building led to the appearance of racial slurs in Google Maps search results.   The search algorithm responsible for stirring up controversy made it so that users who searched for the terms “nigga house” or “nigger king” on Google Maps were directed… Read More

AdultFriendFinder security breach compromises user information

Privacy seems to be more of a luxury than a value, especially with recent cyber attacks on major companies such as Sony. This illustrates that the cyberspace has become an arena for breaches of secrets and confidentiality.   The popular “no-strings attached” adult hook-up website AdultFriendFinder.com recently suffered a major cyber attack, causing the dissemination… Read More

3 things crisis communicators can learn from the Duggar molestation allegations

The Duggar Family, subject of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting."

Josh Duggar’s acts of molestation may have occurred 12 years ago, but now that he is in the spotlight on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” the crimes of the past have been made public.   Many believe these actions should be discussed publicly, whereas others think it should be kept in the past. Either way, many… Read More