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Southwest Airlines staff prevents woman from saving her husband

Aerial view of Southwest Airlines airplane

When you hear of a tragedy involving an airplane, it’s usually the people thousands of feet in the air that were at risk, not those in their own homes.   Karen Momsen-Evers was on a Southwest Airlines flight out of New Orleans when she received a suicidal text from her husband. The text read: “Karen please… Read More

5 PR lessons we can learn from Wells Report on Deflategate

Side profile shot of Tom Brady during an NFL game with the Patriots

This month, the Wells Report on the “Deflategate” incident that occurred earlier this year was released to the public. The intent of this 243 page report was to present all the evidence surrounding the deflation of Patriot footballs before their game with the Colts. Mixed reactions followed the release of the report, but some public relations… Read More

Bud Light label promises to turn ‘no’ into ‘yes,’ draws backlash… again

A line of Bud Light beer bottles on a bar top

Bud Light’s #UpforWhatever campaign is up for debate once again after a bottle label promising to remove “no” from the drinker’s vocabulary for the night sparked backlash against the brand.   With a message that is nearly impossible to detach from implications of sexual consent, the public responded in outrage with claims that the tagline… Read More

Google and the EU: A Lesson on Internal Communications During a Crisis

After five years of investigations, the European Union (EU) has charged Google with violating antitrust rules. It’s the belief of the EU that Google has an unfair advantage over competition because of its digital dominance. This is in reference to Google’s comparison shopping product in the European Economic Area (EEA). In a separate investigation, the… Read More

Beech-Nut builds positive brand image through crisis communications following recall

For food companies and manufacturers, a recall can spell disaster as questionable product quality begins to stain brand image and negatively influence the trust of consumers.   Many food companies have proven that with the proper crisis management and approach to communications, a problematic situation can be transformed into an opportunity to exhibit positive values,… Read More

Organic food company Amy’s Kitchen proves the worth of going the extra mile in crisis communications

When a crisis hits, it is crucial for a brand or company to respond in a prompt, intelligent manner to maintain a positive reputation in the eyes of the public. Even in the realm of positive crisis communications, however, it’s still possible to differentiate between efforts that simply get the job done and approaches that… Read More

‘Sorry’ is the hardest word: Bud Light apology for St. Patrick’s Day tweet follows trend of redirecting blame

Last week’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities — and the less than glamorous morning after — have come and gone, but Bud Light’s reputation still hasn’t fully recovered in the aftermath of an imprudent St. Paddy’s Day tweet that led to backlash against the brand.   Bud Light’s slogan, “Up For Whatever,” is one that the… Read More

Sexist label crisis involving Indonesian clothing company Salvo Sports

In honor of International Women’s Day last week, we have seen a lot of individuals, organizations, and brands vocalizing support for women’s rights and the need for gender equality. Unfortunately, there’s also no shortage of individuals, organizations, and brands that continue to show us how far we still have to go before achieving these goals. This… Read More

Vogue editor’s Instagram photo goes viral, PR fail follows

Vogue editor’s Instagram photo goes viral, PR fail follows

It wouldn’t be an average week without reporting on the outrageously offensive social media antics of the rich and famous. By now, you’ve all heard of Vogue editor Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis questionable decision to post an Instagram photo of a Paris homeless woman reading Vogue magazine. von Thurn und Taxis Instagram post included a… Read More