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The Second Women’s March: Still as Meaningful and Important

A picture of Women’s March 2018

2016 was a whirlwind of a year and that common feeling that millions share extend beyond the hurricane of destruction, personal attacks and offensive comments known as the Clinton/Trump presidential election. In 2016, we saw undeniable proof that racial and gender-based injustices are still alive and thriving.   The Brock Turner case is one perfect… Read More

Oprah for President: Legendary Talk Show Host May Run for Commander-in-Chief

oprah for president

Many years ago, the very possibility of an American daytime television personality, reality television star or movie star becoming any sort of elected official was asinine and almost unheard of. A celebrity holding any public office seemed more like the plot of a movie than a reality that some Americans would have to live in.… Read More

Say, “Hello,” to the Class of 2032: Katniss, Khaleesi, Elsa, and More Names Inspired by Hollywood

Entertainment culture influences our lives much more than we may already realize. With its influence on baby names, should it be necessary to draw the line on celebrity hero worship? Can a love for movies and tabloid perusing become harmful, especially when we begin subjecting our unborn children to celeb fanfare? How far is too… Read More

Why Religion Should Be Part Of A School’s Curriculum

Although religion and theology are topics that are heavily debated in society today, almost every culture is heavily influenced by one religious view or another.  Moreover, improving one’s knowledge of religious and theological ideas, is extremely important for global acceptance and understanding. This is why a class on world religions should be a part of… Read More