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Comcast may gain back ‘Worst Company’ title with new data caps

Comcast sign

Comcast has come under fire for their plan to implement a 300GB data cap on their customers’ accounts across Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Virginia. Starting Dec. 1, customers will be automatically charged if they go over their monthly limit.   “While we believe that 300GB is more than enough to meet your internet usage needs, if… Read More

Yelp for Business Owners: Popular Review Site Empowers Business Owners

Technology and social media have made informed consumerism a more prevalent part of our society than ever before. Consumers are equipped with a wealth of tools and sources which they can turn to for user-generated ratings of products, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. These tools in turn largely influence the decisions of consumers.   Yelp is… Read More

Corporate Series Spotlight: Zappos’ Employee-Friendly Culture Fosters Positive Customer Experience

Zappos really does deliver happiness. The shoe and clothing retailer remains customer-centric and treats its employees with the utmost respect. Despite being acquired by Amazon in 2009, the company has been able to keep its corporate culture in tact. Named one of Fortune’s Best 100 Companies To Work For in 2013, the company continues to… Read More

Corporate Series Spotlight: Nordstrom

Each week we strive to share the best entrepreneurial business advice, but we also have found that by examining the most trusted corporations, we learn what makes businesses work the best by its consumers.   With Labor Day and back to school sales gearing up, we’ve decided to focus our collective attention on the retail… Read More