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Latest matchmaking app, Tindog, caters to puppy love

The internet has become the ultimate modern day matchmaker, but a new app’s “puppy love” approach to making love connections is changing things up in the world of online dating.   Tindog is an app for dog owners to create profiles of their trusty companions, and then use those profiles to find compatible dogs in… Read More

Going the distance: 5 tips for long distance lovers

It should come as no surprise that long distance relationships can be tough. With the proper preparation and mindset, though, a long distance relationship can be a positive and incredibly rewarding experience. It may even bring a couple closer than they were before the separation.   Just like in PR, for a long distance relationship… Read More

Love is blind: New dating app Willow helps users find love based only on emotional attraction

The nature of dating has changed in the wake of more emerging websites and apps like Match and Tinder. And while dating sites and apps are constantly seeking to offer users something new, all largely have one thing in common: users have the ability to judge potential matches based on profile pictures. This is where the… Read More

Love at first sip: Starbucks and Match create largest Starbucks date, in time for valentines day

This Valentine’s Day, Starbucks is helping its loyal patrons celebrate a love bigger than a love for coffee. By teaming up with Match, the famous coffee retailer plans to host the world’s largest Starbucks date at participating U.S. and Canada stores, on February 13.   The idea for the event started brewing (pun intended) when… Read More

There’s No Place Like Home: How “Dorothy” Device and App Allow You to Turn Your Shoes into Multifunctional Hi-Tech Ruby Slippers

In the words of Dorothy: “There’s no place like home.” Actually getting home, however, is sometimes easier said than done. Or at least, it used to be. Thanks to a new device which has the ability to turn any pair of shoes into your very own pair of personal ruby slippers, you, like Dorothy, may… Read More

That Time I Was A Tinderella

Not knowing much about Tinder, my awareness piqued when Dave Franco accepted the challenge to create a fake profile while on Conan’s show. The short they filmed featured the two freaking out over how creepy the app was, all the while intercutting Franco’s megawatt smile.   Fast forward to pitching summer stories, and this writer… Read More