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Chameleonic couture: London design trio creates fashions that combine chemistry and design

From a PR perspective, there is an undeniable value in strategic partnerships for companies and brands. By engaging in smart partnerships, companies benefit from strengthening their own brand image while allowing the public to see them in a new light as they grow in cooperation with their new partners. And while strategic partnerships may come… Read More

One man’s trash: Rising fashion brand Garbage Gone Glam transforms trash into couture

Fashion is an art form. It is a way for designers to tell a story, make a statement, and express themselves and their ideas. For rising designer and entrepreneur Kristen Alyce, the story being told through her garments could not be a more fresh idea in fashion: turning trash into couture.   Alyce launched her company,… Read More

Crowdsourcing: The Future of Fashion is Now

For many years, designers have been the reason people buy clothing from certain companies. The designer behind the product was the main attraction, and, in fact, a way of owning prestige among other companies. However, realistically relying on a small group of people for creative inspiration is limiting. Instead, a handful of companies have begun… Read More

Bora Wear: A Belt With a Soul

“We all have a vision of what we want the future to be.”   Mugo Muna is spinning a philosophical background for his new clothing project, Bora Wear. Ensconced in a Nairobi apartment, battling a cold and a flickering Internet connection, Muna chats animatedly on topics ranging from his personal background to Bora Wear’s design… Read More