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When You’re A Robot, They Let You Do It: Trump Animatronic Placed In Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents

Trump Robot

In the inexplicably popular land of unfiltered madness and chaos that 21 million people visit every year that I not so lovingly call my former employer, Magic Kingdom, one ride has somehow stood the test of time by not only utilizing American history itself but also offering pristine air conditioning against the hellish, brutal Floridian… Read More

Why Moana is Different from Other Disney Princesses

One could argue that it is an American tradition for little girls to grow up wishing to be princesses. Disney princess fairy tales are appealing with their big musical numbers, handsome princes, and the sweet “happily ever afters” that always accompany the grand endings to these popular films.   But princess culture is a phenomenon… Read More

The Influencers: Social media celebrities give brands a boost (for a fee)

Brand words on chalkboard picture

Celebrities pitching products and services is old news. From actors, to rock stars, to athletes, celebrities have always been used to influence consumers. Now, a new breed of celebrity is teaming up with brands to influence the marketplace: The social media celebrity.   There’s a slight difference in the way marketers do business with social… Read More

Disney to Expand “Lion King” Franchise in 2015

Try to remember your very first Disney film. It’s not a far reach to suppose that the 1994 classic Disney animated film,  “Lion King,” remains the first introduction into the animation world for countless young adults today. Taking all the right cues from ethically-infused “Hamlet,” Disney supplemented children’s traditional learning and values with a modern… Read More

Disney’s Frozen vs. The Lion King: The King Still Reigns

Disney’s “Frozen” has taken the box office by storm, earning over $1 billion dollars worldwide — making it the highest grossing animated film of all time. Many people are claiming this is Disney is back from a slump and have dubbed “Frozen” as “the most Disney-feeling film in over a decade.”   (Related: Film Director Profile: Jennifer Lee)  … Read More

Movie Review: Chico and Rita

It is a commonly held notion that animation is a genre of film. It isn’t. Animation is a medium that artists can use to express themselves in any number of ways; a genre is a category in which films that share common narrative and stylistic traits are placed. Calling animation a genre limits and confines how… Read More

Movie Review: Brave

Disney’s “Brave” represented a number of firsts for Pixar when the film was released back in the summer of 2012. It was the first time the studio had tackled fairy tale material, it was the first time a woman would be directing for them, and it was the first time that their film would feature… Read More

Film Director Profile: Brenda Chapman

Few women have had a greater impact on the animation world in the last 20 years than Brenda Chapman. A Disney and DreamWorks veteran, she is the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, and she has had a long, successful career in the industry since joining Disney in the 1980s.  … Read More