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DIY natural deodorant two ways

Did you know that the difference between a natural deodorant and the average antiperspirant is the dangerous chemicals in antiperspirants, which can be quickly absorbed into your skin? Common chemicals that are linked to cancer are aluminum, Parabens, Propylene glycol and Phthalates chemicals. In addition, using store deodorants can also alter your hormones in your… Read More

Recipes we love: Whole wheat cranberry orange scones

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There’s nothing like the perfect scone to get you feeling a bit prim and proper while you snack.   While traditional scone recipes call for lots of butter and sugar, a few simple ingredient substitutions make it possible to reinvent this breakfast staple.   Whole Wheat Cranberry Orange Scones Prep Time: 35 minutes/Servings: 8 scones… Read More

Pin it or buy it?: Pinterest to provide new ‘Buyable Pin’ option

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Pinterest is a great source for DIY projects, wedding planning ideas, party decorating tips, and fun organizational methods. Users have been captivated for a few years now, by the ease of clicking a few buttons to save good ideas for later.   The only feature needed to make Pinterest the ultimate market for all things… Read More

DIY Sugar Scrubs to Show Your Skin Some Love This Winter

With demand for organic beauty products on the rise, it’s not surprising that there has been a burgeoning of companies which have built their brands on the concept of natural skincare and beauty.   Because so many all-natural products boast the same commitment to their lack of harsh chemicals and toxins, one of the most… Read More