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How Cutting Your Clothes Can Give You a New, Edgy Wardrobe

Owning the latest and greatest in the industry has always been the goal for fashion enthusiasts. However, not everyone has access to the capitol or resources needed to own a progressive closet. Often, the fashion industry – designers, stores, magazines – are the ones to tell society what is in and what is not. This means to… Read More

MUIPR Loves Tie-Dye Cupcakes (& Now You Can, Too!)

With summer’s sweltering heat and Crumb’s Cupcakes going out of business, the time is now for resorting to baking at-home treats. For those dessert fanatics who just can’t handle cupcakes going out of the cool business, MUIPR introduces the sweetest summer crave: tie-dye cupcakes. That’s right, modern-day hippie lovers cannot help but love the looks… Read More