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NFL’s biggest names in domestic violence: Where are they now?

In 2014, the NFL went through a crisis of character. Three pro-bowl caliber players, including the consensus top running back in the league, were accused of domestic violence. Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, and Adrian Peterson all missed significant time on the gridiron as they dealt with the repercussions of their actions off the field.  … Read More

Does the NFL care more about deflated footballs than domestic violence?

Ray Rice, former running back for the Baltimore Ravens

It has been over a year since former Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice, was caught on tape knocking his fiancee unconscious in an elevator. Despite the video, Rice will walk free.   On Thursday, the third-degree aggravated assault charges that Rice faced were dismissed after completing his pre-trial intervention. Rice had to pay only $125… Read More

Opinion: The Ray Rice Video Makes All of Us Look Bad

Updated Sep 21, 2014: According to ESPN, over 7,000 fans turned out to exchange their Ray Rice jerseys for those of other Ravens players during a two-day event in Baltimore.   Originally Published on Sep 9, 2014: Getting something right rarely feels so disappointing and dissatisfying.   Ray Rice’s release from the Ravens and subsequent… Read More

Abortion, Domestic Violence, and Poverty: Why Nevada’s Lucy Flores is an Advocate for Women’s Rights

Few politicians are as open with their past as Lucy Flores, and she might be better off for it. Flores is running for Lieutenant Governor in Nevada, and is using her hard past as a way to connect with voters. While her decision to be so open may be controversial to some, it is turning… Read More