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Is Corporate Social Responsibility the New Advertising?

American Greeting"s Thanklist Picture

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of social issues, and they’re making purchasing decisions based on a company’s philanthrophic activities. While corporate social responsibility has long been ignored, our collective social conscious, heightened by the tumultuous times in which we live, has caused brands to take notice.   Social advertising focuses on raising awareness and promoting social issues rather than on… Read More

One beautiful campaign: Dove’s #OneBeautifulThought ad campaign makes powerful statement on self-bullying realities

Society talks a lot about the dangers of bullying in its many forms, but there is one kind of bullying that rarely gets the same level of attention as others: self-bullying. While we discuss the negative effects of talking down to and ridiculing others, we have built a focus around bullying that is so heavily concentrated on how… Read More