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A Billion-Dollar Accomplishment: Jeff Bezos Is Officially The Richest Person Of Our Time

portrait of jeff bezos, amazon founder

According to the Forbes 2017 list of the top 20 billionaires in the world, if you acquired $100 billion today, you would still not be listed as the wealthiest person on earth. With the success of the 2017 retail shopping sales along with a stock price increase of 2.5 percent, e-commerce juggernaut Amazon founder and CEO,… Read More

Even More Prime: Amazon Celebrates Four Million New Prime Members Among Many Accomplishments

Amazon Prime Logo

If there is one juggernaut company that’s dominated the lives of its consumers, it’s Amazon. Starting out as a book-selling company in Seattle in 1994, the company led by Jeff Bezos, now sells nearly everything you can think of; from electronics to clothing, household goods, e-books and even a smart device called “Echo” with a digital… Read More

Technology scramble in Africa attracts big tech names IBM, Samsung

Over the past few months, Africa has become a hot spot for investors. Africa’s recent economic growth and its size in both land area and population have led investors to see untapped potential in the continent.   The most rapidly growing sector thus far has been technology. Market research company Frost & Sullivan claim that… Read More