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Potential ‘Counter-Strike’ pro league faces big problem

Counter-Strike game play

Some of the biggest “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” tournament coordinators in the world have been discussing their plan to band together and develop a global circuit for the e-sport.   The groups involved in this possible alliance consist of the e-sports tournament organizers MLG, StarLadder, PGL, CEVO, Gfinity, and FACEIT. If this massive tournament goes through,… Read More

Trailblazing gaming commentator TotalBiscuit battles cancer

John "TotalBiscuit" Bain

Popular video game YouTuber John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, tweeted on Thursday that he has been diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer, and has been given a life expectancy of two to three years.   Gamers around the world were saddened by this news, as Bain has been heavily involved in the gaming and e-sports community for the… Read More

Can e-sport leagues survive outside of online streaming?

Counter Strike promo image

Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) has announced that they are developing a “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” e-sports league that will air on television in 2016.   Almost every e-sports league exclusively airs online, but TBS has made the bold decision to bring “Counter-Strike” to their network. The league will have two seasons each year that will last… Read More

‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ is making its way to the European stage

Attendees at the Dreamhack event

One of the largest e-sports tournaments, DreamHack, announced on Friday that the popular Gamecube game “Super Smash Bros. Melee” will be played competitively at two of their e-sports events this year.     In September, the first “Melee” tournament will be featured at DreamHack London with a $20,000 prize pool. The tournament’s organizers are confident… Read More

Natus Vincere enters The International with the help of a senator

Sonneiko plays in a video game tournament

Gamers from all over the world have traveled to Seattle, Washington to participate in the biggest “Dota 2” tournaments, but first they had to face the difficult challenge of obtaining a visa.   The Natus Vincere “Dota 2” team has been a fan favorite in past tournaments, but a denied visa application almost stopped them from… Read More

ESL gaming tournament takes lead to end pill popping in e-sports

A bottle of Adderall

Professional athletes are constantly being tested for performance-enhancing drugs. Now, professional video game organizations are starting to put gamers under the same microscope.   Last Thursday, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) announced their plan to test professional gamers for drug use. The first testing will take place in August at the ESL One Cologne “Counter Strike:… Read More

E-sports rapidly becoming mainstream

Shot of The International tournament for all participants playing "Dota 2"

Video games were once condemned as something nerds played in their parents’ basements, but are now being played on a world stage with audiences of millions.   E-sports, which stands for electronic sports, are organized competitions that feature multiplayer video games. These types of competitions have been around for many years, but they have recently… Read More