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Against all odds: How philanthropist, Saya Doe-Sio, renews hope for women and children in Liberia

Philanthropist, Saya Doe-Sio, helping women and children in Liberia.

Annie T. Doe always wanted a child she could name after her mother.  In 1974, her ninth child was born, and she named her Saya, after her mother.  Saya went everywhere and did everything with her mother. Some of their favorite past time activities included helping those less fortunate in their local town, and this… Read More

South Africa’s virginity scholarship stirs up controversy

For the past week, there has been a storm over the introduction of the Maiden’s Bursary Award in the Uthukela district of KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. The award, a college scholarship uniquely for certified virgins, was pushed by mayor Dudu Mazibuko in order to encourage girls to focus on their education while remaining “pure”. The… Read More

Michigan makes a big bet on hedge funds, but is it worth it?

University of Michigan stadium

The University of Michigan has changed the investments strategy used in its long term endowment pool, reallocating approximately $345 million to alternative investment managers. $100 million of that will be put into the hands of hedge fund Alyeska Investment Group.   Michigan currently has an endowment of approximately $10 billion. It is the ninth largest… Read More

American Indian tribes offered $940 million for program funding

Native American leaders stand on a stage

The U.S. Department of Justice announced on Thursday that the Obama administration has agreed to pay a settlement of $940 million to 645 American Indian tribes.           This large settlement covers the cost of previous underpaid federal contracts for tribal programs, such as education, healthcare, and law enforcement. Funding was given for these programs, but… Read More