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Kenyan and Egyptian diplomats divided on racism scandal

Earlier this month, outrage erupted on social media after it emerged that an Egyptian minister referred to sub-Saharan Africans as “dogs and slaves.” This was spilled by Yvonne Khamati, the Chairperson of the African Diplomatic CorpsTechnical Committee, who was at a United Nations Environmental Assembly meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya. During the meeting, the Egyptian… Read More

How does Africa tweet?

Africans are tweeting more about politics, and Korean spam robots are taking over hashtags in some countries. This, and more, was revealed in the How Africa Tweets reports by Portland Communications. The annual report examines Twitter trends and hashtags in African countries often revealing surprising results. This year, the report examined 1.6 billion tweets and… Read More

5 things you may not know about Africa

A group of children dressed in colorful clothing standing near each other

Last year’s Ebola outbreak provided media outlets an opportunity to report on Africa in a fair and considerate way. Unfortunately, the media did not seize this opportunity and instead distorted Africa’s image.   To work against such misunderstandings requires taking small steps. The list below entails some facts about five African countries, which are included in… Read More