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Why are young African entrepreneurs optimistic?

In spite of the continent’s slowing economic growth, African entrepreneurs remain largely hopeful. The realities of young African entrepreneurs were revealed in the Anzisha Youth Entrepreneurship Survey 2016, a collaboration between the Anzisha Prize, along with the African Leadership Academy and MasterCard Foundation. The survey posited questions to 101 respondents living and conducting businesses in… Read More

Young entrepreneur makes it a little bit cooler to wear a hijab, literally

Woman wearing a hijab standing on a rooftop and looking over the city skyline.

Summer heat can be tough to handle for just about anybody, but for Muslim girls who wear hijabs, high temperatures tend to be especially agonizing. That is, until now.   Ahmad Ghanem, 22-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the Kickstarter-funded company, Veil, is giving hijabs a serious makeover in an effort to make the conservative Muslim… Read More

The top 3 sites to sell your professional business services

Making a name for yourself as a professional in the expansive online business community can be daunting. In addition to branding yourself as a private consultant of professional services, such as content writing and editing, graphic design, marketing, and web and mobile developing, it is also a good idea to utilize a freelancing marketplace to… Read More

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Public Relations

Small businesses don’t have the budgets of major corporations, leading many small business owners to forgo public relations activities altogether. Although public relations is multifaceted and modern public relations campaigns are becoming more innovative and complex, there are some simple techniques small business owners can use to generate awareness about their businesses.   Establishing an Online Presence… Read More