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Five reasons why you need to drop everything, and go read Tactful Tidbits right now

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1)  Cheyney Alexandria Easely Fermin is fabulous Mother, wife, author, and clinical research professional, this woman truly does it all; Fermin is bilingual, and enjoys having a large family and a diverse network of friends. Experiencing many funny, awkward, and interesting situations compelled her to write Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow with the hope that… Read More

Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow: A review

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(92 pages | Available in paperback via Amazon | $14) Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow started out as a joke among friends.  Cheyney Alexandria Easely Fermin and her friends would trade stories about their own lives, people that they knew, and their opinions on various topics; they would always joke that they should, “put… Read More

Cheyney Fermin’s guide to a tasteful tomorrow

Self Help, Personal Growth, Tactful Tidbits For a Tasteful Tomorrow, Self-Help book, Author, Manners, Modern Etiquette

Cheyney Alexandria Easely Fermin, author of upcoming self help book, “Tactful Tidbits for a Tasteful Tomorrow” has had a career as a clinical research professional for the past nine years.  She received an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University, a Master’s degree in public health from Boston University, and has studied the healthcare system in… Read More

Opportunities abound for Nigerian startups this year

The Nigerian Young Professionals Forum (NYPF) has announced a grant scheme in collaboration with Heritage Bank. It plans to award over 1,000 Nigerians from a N500 million-naira seed fund. NYPF is a non-governmental, global peer-to-peer network of Nigerian professionals. It is a forum that connects and provides opportunities for passionate young professionals in order to… Read More

The rise of “experts,” “specialists,” and other social media frauds

We know them, we love them, we get a kick out of the grammar mistakes in their Twitter profiles. They are the self-proclaimed experts, specialists, trainers, speakers, and gurus who craft careers as social media marketing specialists from their parents’ basements. Who are these people? There are legitimate experts out there — those supremely savvy digital communicators… Read More

Make Crowd Funding Work for You: Discover These Four Platforms

Crowdfunding seems to be a term exchanged on the daily, even at the dinner table. The interesting thing, though, is that many don’t seem to know much about it. Besides maybe Kickstarter, how many crowdfunding sources would you trust as a platform for publicizing your venture? Contributor Chance Barnett summarizes the term nicely in Forbes… Read More