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Greek protests refuel talks of a Eurozone exit

Greek protests

Greece continues to be a point of conflict for the Eurozone. Last Thursday, Greek police were forced to use tear gas and other crowd control measures to end violent and destructive protests in Athens. Protesters created road blocks and threw petrol bombs. The violence began after a group of approximately 20,000 Greeks marched through Athens… Read More

Lebanon bombings go ignored in recent series of ISIS attacks

Man walks under the Eiffel Tower

France was hit with a monumental tragedy on Friday, when over 120 people were killed in Paris by a combination of ISIS-credited suicide bombings and mass shootings. Similar attacks by ISIS occurred around the world within the same week, yet these other acts of terrorism haven’t been given as much media attention.             Suicide… Read More

4 Global Startups You Need To Know About

Startup growth invades the radar of business minds worldwide, now more so than ever, and particularly in such a way that Silicon Valley, is no longer the only place for entrepreneurs to have some fun and create new opportunities. It’s important to analyze the strengths of global ventures as well as those on our own… Read More