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Redefining the social network: How Facebook’s latest feature can help save a life

Since its launch, Facebook has been recognized primarily as a tool that helps us keep in touch with friends, reconnect with old acquaintances, share photos and status updates, and perform a myriad of other social activities online. In its most recent move, Facebook has ventured into new territory, seeking to take its role as a social… Read More

Thought leadership tips for small business

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Being identified as a thought leader can significantly impact a business owner’s capacity to reach a broad audience of prospects. It builds trust and ultimately leads prospects toward the sales funnel.   “But my business is boring.” This is a common response among business owners when encouraged to create content about their industries. Every industry,… Read More

Why It Might Be Time for Brands to Abandon Facebook

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Copyblogger Media, developer of the Rainmaker website platform and publisher of the wildly popular content marketing and copywriting blog Copyblogger, announced in October 2014 that it was abandoning its Facebook page. The announcement came as a surprise to many. Copyblogger is in the business of helping entrepreneurs harness the power of content marketing, and social… Read More

When Customers Run Wild on Social Media

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Businesses have gotten a big boost from social media. Between Yelp, Facebook and Twitter, businesses have reached millions of customers and generated awareness for their products and services — for free. We all understand the power of social media has over consumers. What few understand is what to do when customers run wild on social media.… Read More

The Dangers of Facebook: Why Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden Stay Away from the Social Giant

In a recent interview, Glenn Greenwald was asked why his colleague Edward Snowden has no social media presence – on Facebook, for instance. Greenwald told his Canadian audience, “he doesn’t use Facebook because he hates Facebook. They’re one of the worst violators of privacy in history. Nobody should use Facebook.”   Snowden himself has spoken… Read More

Hot Topics in Health: How Coverage of Elective Egg-Freezing is Harming How We View Women and Motherhood

Apple has been in the news a lot lately with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Now, the tech giant is also making headlines for something other than its latest products: the company has announced that it will be joining Facebook in offering coverage of elective egg-freezing costs for female employees.… Read More

Yoga on a Ledge: Does Rachele Brooke Smith’s Recent Yoga Video Give the Practice a Bad Name

After posting a video of herself on the internet last week doing yoga on the ledge of an NYC building, actress and dancer Rachel Brooke Smith has managed to stir up a lot of controversy regarding how the kind of exhibitionist behavior reflected through her video may completely tarnish the name, reputation, and true purpose… Read More

Weekend Dose Of Science

It’s the weekend again, and your correspondent sincerely hopes you are not showering Michael Bay’s astoundingly long and supremely awful new “Transformers” flick with your hard-earned dollars (even Shia LaBeouf couldn’t hold his disdain in). If you are instead doing literally anything else, congratulate yourself on your good taste.   Now that you’ve doused yourself… Read More