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5 Effortlessly stylish rompers for every occasion this summer

White romper

Rompers have faced their fair share of criticisms, but that hasn’t kept them from remaining on the fashion “do” list season after season. Effortlessly chic and simple to style day or night, rompers and jumpsuits make the perfect go-to garments for hot summer days when you don’t want to sacrifice fashion for comfort.   Read… Read More

Look the part: The cognitive impact of dressing well

White long sleeved button-down collared shirt with black skinny tie

In the immortal words of “How I Met Your Mother” character Barney Stinson, “nothing suits me like a suit.” No longer just a fashion statement, psychologists have recently discovered that dressing formally can positively impact a man’s style of thinking.   During recent studies conducted at California State University – Northridge, researchers noticed a distinction… Read More

Rules of Mens Fashion: Button Standards In Formal and Casual Wear

When it comes to men’s fashion, the button presents a surprising challenge. While buttons are simply tools that clasp fabric together, they can have a significant impact on your overall style.   For formal wear, the collar button should always be hidden by your tie’s knot. You can get away with leaving the button open… Read More

Can You Rock a Snapback?

Women have a number of options when it comes to accessorizing, but men are often only left with functional fashion, like watches and belts. Women’s accessories are appreciated for their aesthetic value, while men’s accessories are often valued for what they get done. A watch can be stylish and trendy, but in the end, it’s… Read More

Cute, Economical, Environmentally Friendly! How to Bike to Work in Style

Whether you live in the city or in the suburbs, biking is a smart, eco-efficient alternative to driving. You save gas money, save the environment, and save yourself a trip to the gym all during your daily commute.   The one thing that usually holds people back from being fully committed to the bike life… Read More

The Official 2014 MUIPR Guide to Festival Fashion

Musical festivals are full of characters, and people wearing a slue of creative, funky, funny, and downright awesome outfits or costumes. The majority of festival-goers wear cute, bohemian-inspired fashion that has become a staple in music festival attire. The fashion of music festivals draws on the feel-good, hippie vibe of the 60’s and 70’s, each… Read More