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Bora Wear: A Belt With a Soul

“We all have a vision of what we want the future to be.”   Mugo Muna is spinning a philosophical background for his new clothing project, Bora Wear. Ensconced in a Nairobi apartment, battling a cold and a flickering Internet connection, Muna chats animatedly on topics ranging from his personal background to Bora Wear’s design… Read More

How Cutting Your Clothes Can Give You a New, Edgy Wardrobe

Owning the latest and greatest in the industry has always been the goal for fashion enthusiasts. However, not everyone has access to the capitol or resources needed to own a progressive closet. Often, the fashion industry – designers, stores, magazines – are the ones to tell society what is in and what is not. This means to… Read More

ModCloth+Nicolette Mason: The Most Fashion Forward Collaboration of the Year

The fashion industry often encourages women to look to rules and guidelines to help them decide what they should wear and what looks good on their body types. That mentality towards fashion is all beginning to change.   Style blogger Nicolette Mason and ModCloth co-founder Susan Gregg Koger have created a clothing collaboration that seeks… Read More

Marc Jacobs: Revolutionary or PR Stuntman?

Marc Jacobs has created a brand that is coveted among thousands, if not millions, of people around the world. There are countless numbers of girls that dream of wearing a Marc Jacobs dress in real life. The only thing that could make that dream better would be modeling Marc Jacobs clothes.   That dream became a… Read More

Spring Fashion Trend Alert: Get Casual With Knitted Striped Ties

CHARLES OWO Striped Silk Knitted Ties

  Gentlemen, dressing for those outdoor barbeque parties and get-togethers are tricky. You want to keep the air of a stylishly classy Gentleman, and simultaneously rock the casual look as well.   (Related: Spring Trend Alert-CHARLES OWO Knitted Silk Tie Collection)   You beg yourself this question: how can I combine casual and class into… Read More

Spring Trend Alert: Blue Reigns For Mens Fashion

  As the umbrellas go up and the rain boots go on, New Yorkers give April a bad reputation for being the rainiest-of-rainy seasons. However, it’s time to change that around.   For one of our favorite Men’s fashion brands, April is reign season.  At CHARLES OWO, Spring is the time to wipe away bad feelings… Read More