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Pattern Mixing Rulebook: Tips to Mix Prints Without Distress

Patterned clothing can be rather terrifying. Solids, we understand. Color blocking, doable with practice. Patterns? They are best categorized as uncharted territory. Mixing patterns? Even more distressing. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. Floral shirts need not be match with black jeans, nor striped shirts with classic blue denim. Break out… Read More

Spring Fashion Trend: 5 Best Ways To Wear Cropped Skinny Jeans

Cropped skinny jeans are just like your regular skinnies except they hang above your ankles. They can be worn with flats, if you are tall with long legs, or they can be worn with heels to add extra length to your legs. Whatever shoes you choose to wear, make sure your top has extra volume to… Read More

MUIPR Beauty: The Over-Sleeper’s Guide to Hair Styles

For some of us mere mortals, it is hard to wake up in time to look perfect everyday. When the snooze button becomes more important than firing up your hair straightener, you will need some easy short cuts to get a pulled-together look without taking too much time or effort. For all those snoozers out there, here… Read More

MUIPR Beauty: Top 5 Nail Trends For Spring

We saw a lot of creative and fabulous nail colors at the Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week (NYFW). As it turns out, fashion week is not just about the clothes and the latest trends, it is also about the best nail art designs.   During NYFW runway models wore manicure styles ranging from a highlighted… Read More

MUIPR Beauty: Expert Tips On Your Hair and Makeup

Sometimes, our beauty routine can get into a rut. It’s a good idea to spice up your make-up every season with new colors, new eyeliner techniques, and maybe a new hairdo you try every once in a while. Try these tips and tricks to update or perfect your style, and watch heads turn!   1.… Read More