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5 Effortlessly stylish rompers for every occasion this summer

White romper

Rompers have faced their fair share of criticisms, but that hasn’t kept them from remaining on the fashion “do” list season after season. Effortlessly chic and simple to style day or night, rompers and jumpsuits make the perfect go-to garments for hot summer days when you don’t want to sacrifice fashion for comfort.   Read… Read More

Great Scot! Tartan Takes Mens Fashion This Winter

Though tartan may immediately call to mind the image of a Scotsman wearing a kilt, the fabric actually has a larger and remarkably rich history. In “Tartan: Romancing the Plaid,” Jeffrey Banks and Doria de La Chapelle explore and interpret this history. Banks goes so far as to investigate the psychology of plaid — he describes… Read More

Spread The Word: Shorts are Good, Skirts Are Better, But skorts Are Best of All

If there is one thing guaranteed to resurrect your memory of elementary school, it is the skort. A uniform staple, the skort was one of the most intriguing and genius creations of the fashion world. Half short, half skirt, the skort helped young schoolgirls look both proper and practical. Think of the mullet: business in… Read More

Normcore: Changing Everything You Thought You Knew About Fashion

Normcore is a style that has gained momentum around many large cities in the country; however, even with its growing popularity, the large majority of people have never heard of the trend and even less know what it is.   Normcore is distinguished as a fashion trend that combines unisex style with average looking clothing.… Read More

Style Trend Alert: Shades Of Famous Paintings In Modern Fashion

A new fashion trend is on the horizon: combining famous artwork with modern fashion. Although collaborations between artists and fashion designers is nothing new, this newest trend is a little different: think of classic paintings and famous modern art used as the graphic art on shirts and bags.   A perfect example of this new… Read More

Watches To Watch: Top 3 Stylish Men’s Watches You Cant Overlook

There is no piece more practical than a watch. Dating back to the days of pocket watches, time pieces have been a fashion staple.   How do watches manufacturers keep up? And what makes people eager to buy a gadget they already have in some form or another? According to Nicholas Gerbis, its because “timepieces… Read More

Trend Report: Kimonos Are Your New Summer Fashion Staple

Summer is coming and that means we must – although rather begrudgingly – put our cardigans aside.  Fear not, we have found the perfect summer alternative: the kimono.   Kimonos are the perfect lightweight layer for warmer days. They give you some protection against the occasional summer breeze and add pizzazz to any outfit without… Read More

The Best Stylish Shorts for Every Body Type

Finding shorts can be a daunting and an extremely difficult task. After trying on dozens of shorts, you might feel like giving up.  However, with the summer just around the corner, “giving up” might not be your best decision.   Instead of sweating it out in jeans or leggings, read on for expert tips and… Read More