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Black Fashion Designers Receive Long Awaited Recognition in Exhibit

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology will be hosting “Black Fashion Designers” during the month of February to honor African designers from the 1950’s to the present. The purpose is to encourage the audience to explore the designers’ various experiences and fashion expertise throughout the generations.   Black designers have consistently been under-represented… Read More

Abercrombie & Fitch Ditches “Model” Employees & Sex-Sells Policy

Abercrombie & Fitch is making policy changes. Attempting to tone down the sexual nature of their notorious marketing strategy, store employees will now be called “brand representatives” instead of models, as they were previously referred to. The brand made famous for celebrating conventional beauty only is also looking to employ people who are not model-like. Applicants will no… Read More

Crowdsourcing: The Future of Fashion is Now

For many years, designers have been the reason people buy clothing from certain companies. The designer behind the product was the main attraction, and, in fact, a way of owning prestige among other companies. However, realistically relying on a small group of people for creative inspiration is limiting. Instead, a handful of companies have begun… Read More

Blogging with a Bite: How Arabelle Sicardi Taught Us About High Fashion

Scrolling through Arabelle Sicardi’s blog(s) feels like taking a walk through a mad scientist’s desk drawer. The thoughts are scattered, casually phrased, and absolutely brilliant. Arabelle weaves prose, high fashion, and various identities together on her* personal blogs and feature pieces on the many websites she has been featured.   Sicardi has written for Rookie, Teen… Read More

Weekly Dose of Science

Welcome to your weekly dose of science! Your correspondent is covering a lot of ground in this installment, and pushing seven hundred words on science-related topics could be construed as flirting with overkill. So, jump in!   1. Got Drought? Drink Sewage. Seriously. As disgusting as it sounds on the surface, recycled sewage water – known… Read More

The Evolution of Beauty

In the modern day, with ubiquitous media messages containing the idealistic image of modern-day beauty invading our lives, it can be difficult to gain perspective about our own bodies and what beauty really is. Here is a quick snapshot summary of the evolution of beauty over the decades.   1950’s: The struggle for effortless perfection… Read More