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The media’s misrepresentation of race, crime in the United States

Protesters gather and hold signs at protest for Freddie Gray in Baltimore

The New York Times has compiled a timeline on their website to document police misconduct, brutality, and shootings. The timeline’s daunting 6,951 articles provide a glimpse into the workings of the complex institution of oppression that is law enforcement in the United States.   What is perhaps even more complex than law enforcement, though, is the… Read More

What Crisis Communicators Can Learn from Ferguson

Crisis Picture

Opinions about the Ferguson decision aside, few would disagree that the city of Ferguson made multiple errors in the way it communicated its message to its citizens. City leaders ignored even the most basic rules of crisis communications, and instead defiantly wrote their own, with great consequence to all their stakeholders. Timing Timing is everything.… Read More

Opinion: How Michael Brown and Eric Garner Have Shown That America Needs to Stop Policing the World, Start Fixing Problems at Home

America has long prided itself on the coexistence and equality of its citizens, regardless of factors like race and religion. It’s a national identity which it has maintained even in the face of criticism by many who have identified flaws in the system over the years. However, in light of events from the past few… Read More

The Problem with a Colorblind Mentality: The Ferguson Effect

The shooting of young unarmed black man, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri has sparked outrage across the nation. The fact that this young man was shot and killed by a white police officer is just one specific case that indicates a greater problem that exists in America: closeted racism.   This term “racism” is synonymous… Read More

Can Social Media Help Stop Police Brutality?

When it comes to justice, there are few things that are black and white; most often, we are forced to wade through endless gray matter. In the case of Michael Brown, the lines are blurred by conflicting stories, racial tensions, and the tragedy of a life lost. We are confronted with a case that has… Read More