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Sistahs are doing it for themselves

The Sistahs are doing it for themselves film festival took place recently in California last weekend — a festival aimed at providing opportunity and support for women who are both African American and filmmakers. Through screening their work and inspiring discussion, the festival empowers and nurtures the skills and visions of African American independent filmmakers.… Read More

iREP 2016 celebrates documentary filmmaking in Lagos

Founded in 2010, iREPRESENT documentary film festival (iREP) is an annual event that focuses on developing and nurturing documentary filmmaking across borders in Africa and beyond. iREP is a touring festival held in different locations each year to promote awareness on the documentary filmmaking and recognize filmmakers who are making documentary films that positively impact… Read More

Canadian Music Week Film Festival 2014

Film festivals are a vital aspect of the industry. Without them, most independent filmmakers would never get the chance to show off their talents to the world. Through these gatherings of artists and producers, indie films can find an audience or even a distributor.   One upcoming event is the Canadian Music Week Film Festival,… Read More