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Lionsgate Splitting “Allegiant” into Two Films

In an unsurprising turn of events, the film studio Lionsgate has decided to split the upcoming “Allegiant” into two separate films. “Allegiant” is the third and final addition to Veronica Roth’s trilogy of young adult novels that began with “Divergent.” Apparently there is too much in that novel to cover in one movie, if the… Read More

Ivan Reitman Not Directing Ghostbusters 3

  Fans of the 1980’s comedy franchise may be disappointed to hear that the director of the previous two “Ghostbusters” will not be returning for a third installment. Ivan Reitman has directed many successful comedies, including “Stripes” and “Meatballs,” but none have quite lived up to the “Ghostbusters” films, particularly the first one.   Reitman… Read More

Why is Hollywood Losing Its Film Prestige?

  Since the early days of film in America, Hollywood has been the central hub of the industry. Nearly all of the major studios are based there, and productions are often done on sound stages in California.   Lately, though, many filmmakers and studios are choosing to make their pictures elsewhere, bringing with them jobs… Read More