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Top 11 film and television award shows you should get excited about right now

Top 11 film and television award shows you should totally get excited about right now

From the People’s Choice Awards to the Golden Tomato Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, and the Critics’ Choice Awards, it’s safe to say that the 2016 awards season is already in full swing.   Hard on the heels of the just concluded Critics Choice Awards this past Sunday, below are a few prime time television… Read More

Mutant of the people: Hugh Jackman wants your input on final ‘Wolverine’ movie

Over the last few decades, we have had five different Batman actors (with another on the way), three Supermen, two Charles Xaviers, but only one Wolverine. Of any actor working in the superhero genre today, arguably none own their role as definitively as Hugh Jackman. The Aussie actor has remained a mainstay of the genre… Read More

Regal Cinemas CEO speaks against Paramount VOD plan

Regal Cinemas logo

Advances in technology have always had an impact on our movie-going experience, from the innovation of 3-D, to the recent boom of reclining seats in major movie theaters. However, not everyone sees these advancements as a positive thing. Regal Entertainment Group, one of the largest movie theater chains in world, has vocally spoken out against… Read More

A reliable force: Top 5 best Jake Gyllenhaal performances

Jake Gyllenhaal

The Gyllenhaals have become a Hollywood institution over the last decade; both Maggie and her brother, Jake, have proven themselves time and time again to be reliable forces in the films they inhabit. In honor of Jake Gyllenhaal’s recent release, “Southpaw,” let’s take a look back at some of the actor’s best performances to date.… Read More

Life found a way: ‘Jurassic World’ sequel announced

Jurassic World logo

“Jurassic World” has become a phenomenon; there really isn’t much more to it than that. Through some spot on casting decisions, capitalization on our 1990’s nostalgia, and a willingness to try something new with a classic franchise, it has gone on to become the third highest grossing movie of all time — roughly $1.542 billion worldwide.… Read More

Joining forces: ‘X-Men’ director alludes to connection with ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot

Characters from the "Fantastic Four" and "X-Men" comics

Cinematic universes have become all the rage these days, especially in the realm of superhero movies. We’ve talked about this at great lengths before, but it bears repeating: Fox’s “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” properties have quite a bit of ground to make up to catch Marvel and to a lesser extent, Warner Bros.   They… Read More

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ first look suggests Fox is stylistically merging comics and film

Cast of the upcoming "X-Men" film

Fifteen years ago, Brian Singer’s “X-Men” ushered in the modern age of comic book films. Sitting together in their muted, uniform black outfits, Cyclops (James Marsden) scoffed to Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) at the notion of wearing “yellow spandex” as a costume. This mindset remained pervasive throughout comic book films for years to come; no matter… Read More

Dustin Hoffman’s strong opinions on the state of the film, TV industries

Dustin Hoffman at a red carpet event

The notably uncontroversial Dustin Hoffman (“The Graduate,” “Marathon Man”) drew a line in the sand recently with some incredibly impassioned remarks. During a recent interview, the Oscar winner admitted that he feels the film industry has entered its worst era in decades, while the television industry has become the medium to watch (no pun intended).… Read More

Audiences beware! Jack Black preparing to give you Goosebumps

The 1990s are earmarked with the terrifying series of “Goosebumps” novels. With titles such as “Say Cheese and Die!” and “Night of the Living Dummy,” the books created an unsettling reading environment for children and young adults. Over two decades later, the book series is coming to the big screen.   Unlike other older stories,… Read More