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Ben and Jerry’s new flavor to highlight brand’s environmental responsibility

It’s always good news when Ben and Jerry’s comes out with a new flavor of ice cream, but the newest addition to the brand’s already impressive flavor collection comes with some extra cause for celebration.   This is because the new Ben and Jerry’s “Save Our Swirled” flavor was created with a unique goal in… Read More

Bébé steps: France implements small changes in quest for sustainability

Woman shopping in a French supermarket

Adopting sustainable practices is a noble and modern idea which individuals and businesses constantly seek in order to better themselves and the environment. It is now a new idea in terms of bettering an entire nation.   France has begun to promote sustainability on a nationwide scale. The French national assembly voted unanimously to pass a new law which battles… Read More

From the trash to the table: WastED pop up redefines sustainability in the restaurant industry

We all like to consider ourselves involved in the sustainability movement. For many, the most prevalent method of introducing sustainability into our lives is through our food and our eating habits. Despite the hype surrounding food and sustainability, one pop-up restaurant in New York managed to venture into new territory, taking the movement to a… Read More

Nestle announces plans to ditch artificial flavors and colorings in chocolate bars

A chocolate craving is never an easy urge to resist, but a little chocolate indulgence here and there might soon be getting a lot less guilt-inducing.   Major candy manufacturer Nestle USA announced recently that it plans to remove all artificial flavors and colorings from its chocolate products by the end of 2015, making it… Read More

Power Couples: Foods That Are Even Healthier Together Than They Are Apart

You probably already have a pretty good idea of what foods can be considered healthy (and what foods probably don’t make the cut), but it turns out that’s not where the story ends. When it comes to maximizing the health benefits of some foods, this can be achieved through creating the proper food pairings, or… Read More

Falling for Pumpkin: Welcome Fall with These Savory Pumpkin Recipes

You know fall has arrived when you start feeling a chill in the air followed by the sight of sweaters, changing leaves, and, of course, the words “pumpkin spice” slapped on everything from your lattes to your muffins.   Pumpkin is the ultimate flavor of the season, and you’re surely no stranger to some of… Read More