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Impossible Foods: The Creators of An Entirely Vegan Hamburger

Impossible Burger

Among dietary lifestyles gaining popularity throughout America, whether it’s the Millennials spearheading the “avocado everything” movement, or the gluten-free lifestyle, and even the dangerous YouTube trend of eating Tide Pods, not many diets have received much mainstream attention quite like veganism. Whether it’s health-related, personal or ethical reasons, veganism is on the rise in America, with… Read More

Stoners Rejoice: Taco Bell Debuts Nacho Fries, Which Will Likely Sell Well in California

taco bell debuts nacho fries

Anecdotal opinions suggest that cannabis and Taco Bell usually go hand in hand in the most beautiful of unions. Whether it is through multiple flavors of a deliciously unhealthy Dorito Loco Tacos, Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, Chalupa Supreme, or my personal favorite and the now defunct XXL Nachos, the many mysterious ingredients in Taco Bell seem to speak… Read More

New York Restaurant Week: A three-week foodie tour of the Big Apple

Restaurant Week NYC; NYC Restaurant Week; Foodie; Food and Wine

Food lovers, it’s that time of the year again! From Monday, Jan.19 to Friday, Feb. 5, New Yorkers and visitors alike, can enjoy prix-fixe courses at over 350 local restaurants in the city.   Each day during the three-week period, participating restaurants will provide food lovers with three-course Lunch and Dinner menus priced at $25… Read More

Recipes we love: Whole wheat cranberry orange scones

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There’s nothing like the perfect scone to get you feeling a bit prim and proper while you snack.   While traditional scone recipes call for lots of butter and sugar, a few simple ingredient substitutions make it possible to reinvent this breakfast staple.   Whole Wheat Cranberry Orange Scones Prep Time: 35 minutes/Servings: 8 scones… Read More

Dessert in NYC: The Most Important Meal of the Day

You know what they say: “Dessert is the most important meal of the day!” Or something like that… In any case, here are some delicious options in NYC to visit and satisfy your sweet tooth. You’ve had a productive week, you deserve it!   1. ChikaLicious: Dear New York readers, please, please, head down to 2nd… Read More

Summer Living: DIY Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

You know that feeling when it’s so humid outside that all you dream about are cold things? OK, maybe you haven’t felt this way, but here at MUIPR, we believe August resembles the Sunday night of summer. What do you mean it’s already time for the kids to go back to school?! We were just… Read More

Trendy Eateries in NYC For Date Night Or Takeout

Tired of coming home after work, reheating pasta from your fridge, immediately changing into your sweatpants, and falling asleep while watching Jimmy Fallon? Well, the sweats and Jimmy Fallon are not so bad, but perhaps you might want to trade in your typical boring dinner foods for something more exciting!   Here are four new and… Read More

Come Share The Table: Experience African Hospitality During New York City’s African Restaurant Week

  Food lovers, Celebrate — more than a dozen of New York City’s best Pan-African restaurants will partake in the second annual New York African Restaurant Week (NYARW), scheduled to take place from Sunday, Apr. 27 to Sunday, May 4.   Following the tremendous success of the inaugural week-long NYARW affair only a year ago,… Read More