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”The Mindy Project” has yet to see its end, moving to Hulu

The Mindy Project promotional poster with main cast

Netflix better watch out because the binge watching habits are following Mindy Kaling to Hulu. Just recently, Fox announced that “The Mindy Project” would not be renewed for another season on the network channel. Watching television online has become a common pastime, and fans of the project can turn off their plasma screens and flip open… Read More

“The X-Files” returns to FOX, thanks to Netflix

“The truth is out there.” For many avid television fans, these words defined the 1990s. This simple phrase encapsulated the mystery of “The X-Files,” a classic Emmy award winning series starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI paranormal investigators.   The show is remembered for helping innovate many common tropes of modern television. These… Read More

Media Censorship in a Democracy, When is the News Unbiased?

Every day, whether we realize it or not, the messages we receive are carefully selected and filtered for us by many different outlets. In a modern and progressive era, it is becoming increasingly important to analyze which content is being modified and by whom. The definition of censorship is “the control of the information and ideas… Read More

TV Series Recommendation: Arrested Development

There may be no such thing as the perfect TV comedy, but “Arrested Development” is probably the closest thing to it. In terms of the cast, writing, direction, and production, it truly has no equal.   Starring such talent as Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, and Will Arnett, “Arrested Development” follows the Bluths, an extremely dysfunctional, once-wealthy family who… Read More