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Bébé steps: France implements small changes in quest for sustainability

Woman shopping in a French supermarket

Adopting sustainable practices is a noble and modern idea which individuals and businesses constantly seek in order to better themselves and the environment. It is now a new idea in terms of bettering an entire nation.   France has begun to promote sustainability on a nationwide scale. The French national assembly voted unanimously to pass a new law which battles… Read More

AirBNB.com: The Economic Traveler’s New Best Friend

Everyone has that one place to which they wish they could travel. Airbnb.com makes it so easy and within reach! As soon as you demystify the concept of “travel” and realize that it is far more feasible than most people think, the more likely it will be for your thoughts to be played out into actions, and soon you’ll… Read More

Trend Alert: Gorgeous Trains at the Cannes Film Festival

If you have been staying up to date on the Cannes Film Festival this year, you might have spotted a trend emerging. Some of the most stunning and head-turning gowns at the festival all had one thing in common: a mermaid shape and a long train.   Of all the trends that have come and… Read More