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Facebook’s difficult decision: Censorship or free speech?

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Germany’s Justice Minister, Heiko Maas, has called for Facebook to start banning hateful posts, or the social media site will no longer be allowed to do business in his country.   Maas sent a letter to Facebook’s public policy director, Richard Allan, requesting a meeting in September to discuss the complaints Maas has received over… Read More

Media Censorship in a Democracy, When is the News Unbiased?

Every day, whether we realize it or not, the messages we receive are carefully selected and filtered for us by many different outlets. In a modern and progressive era, it is becoming increasingly important to analyze which content is being modified and by whom. The definition of censorship is “the control of the information and ideas… Read More

Anti-gay Speaker Peter LaBarbera Denied Entry into Canada

A controversy has sparked in a little town in Canada. Peter LaBarvera, president of the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was detained and denied entry into Canada on April 10. He was denied entry at Regina airport customs, near Weyburn, and was then questioned for about three hours.   According to Global News, LaBarbera said, “We were… Read More