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Flamethrowers and Elon Musk: How The Billionaire Produced The Weapons

An image of elon musk's boring company and its flamethrower product

Video games such as Bethesda’s masterpiece “Fallout” series or Rockstar Games’ classic “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” with excessive violence as one of its signature characteristics, a flamethrower is often the cornerstone of grotesquely violent choices. Usually alongside a rocket launcher, minigun or grenade launcher, the World War I and II weapon is capable of shooting… Read More

Sophia: The AI-Powered Robot Turned Overnight Celebrity

Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Amina Mohammed with Sophia the Robot

During the previous week on MUI, I took a much-needed break reporting on Donald Trump’s tweets and Jeff Sessions’ daily attacks on marijuana; instead I reported on one of the most prominent individuals in modern popular culture in 2017, and her rise to stardom (including receiving the full stardom treatment like appearing on “The Tonight… Read More

Sophia: The Story of The Robot Given Saudi Citizenship And Appearing at The United Nations

Sophia the robot

The increasingly line between artificial intelligence and natural humans is starting to become blurred as artificial intelligence (AI) is leveraged and paired up with cutting edge advanced robotics research and development. What is arguably most unsettling about the thought of technology becoming more self-aware and cognizant, is a possible “Terminator” future where the remaining humans battle… Read More

Apple’s “Spring Forward” keynote event presents new Apple watch

Apple keynote events consistently demand worldwide attention. The hype behind them is so big that a website exists called wheniskeynote.com.   In the weeks before keynote events, Apple aficionados speculate over what surprises will be announced. The most recent Apple event, “Spring Forward,” took place last week in Cupertino, California.   Among the first of CEO… Read More

Opinion: Will Smartwatches Take Off?

Smartwatches have attracted significant attention in the world of technology over the past few weeks. Recently, Apple announced that they would be releasing their own smartwatch in early 2015, marking their first foray into the smartwatch industry segment. Moreover, the attention that Pebble has accrued through its Kickstarter project certainly demonstrates the public’s interest in… Read More

Users Will Be Able To ‘Feel’ Objects on Tablet

Sometimes, the only thing missing from an online shopping experience is being able to “feel” the objects you are thinking about buying. But, what if we tell you that there is a new tablet that will let you do this?   Reports from the just concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona suggest that Japanese company… Read More