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Ghana’s modern queen mothers come with pearls and smartphones

Despite the cultural damage done on African institutions due to colonialism, some traditions refuse to die. One such institution is that of the queen mothers in Ghana. As in other West African precolonial societies, women played important leadership goals in Ghana’s precolonial days.   Traditionally, queen mothers were responsible for women and children, as well… Read More

Ghana wins Global Innovation Competition Award

The Making All Voices Count Global Innovation Competition (GIC) awards the most innovative ideas that support services and institutions around citizen-government relationship. Open to ideas from civil society groups, businesses, and individuals from 12 countries across Africa and Asia, GIC encourages participants to make things better through innovation. Tackling different problems each year, this year’s… Read More

KFC brings mobile payment option to Ghana

Many Africans experience what can only be described as a tumultuous existence. From Ebola to the threat of the Boko Haram terrorist group, it’s hard not to sometimes feel pessimistic about the state of the continent as a whole. However, along with recent announcements for an African Center for Disease Control, new economic developments may represent… Read More

Women leaders in STEM: Regina Agyare, software developer and social entrepreneur

Growing up in Ghana, Regina Agyare remembers the weight of the expectations placed upon her from an early age.   “Growing up, you were kind of told what you were going to do back then. I was good in math or science, so I was told I was going to be a doctor.”   It’s a… Read More

What We’ve Seen, Heard & Learned From World Cup Opening Week: All Hail Los Ticos, La Tri, Uncle Sam’s Army & The Flying Dutchman

Things can turn quickly at the World Cup. Just ask American striker Clint Dempsey, whose deft goal just 34 seconds into the Americans’ critical match with Ghana turned the Group of Death on its head. The US scored early and late as it exorcised its Black Star demons in dramatic fashion on Monday night.  … Read More

2014 World Cup: Top 5 Game Changers & Standout Players To Watch

You are watching a World Cup game with friends, and you get edged out as your more soccer-savy friends take over the conversation, and there you are, left watching in silence, eating potato chips by the bag, wanting to put your two cents in, only to get shut down. Sound familiar? Well, we can help!   Here are… Read More