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As Faces of Hope Gala draws near, the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation discusses humanitarian aide

As Faces of Hope Gala draws near, MUI Daily News discusses humanitarian aid with the Nigerian Healthcare Foundation

According to the World Health Organization life expectancy at birth for men and women in Nigeria is estimated at 54 and 55 years respectively. Diseases that modern medicine can prevent, such as malaria and tuberculosis, cause many of these early deaths. The Nigerian Healthcare foundation is working to fix this problem, and has been doing… Read More

Newark’s Deputy Mayor joins Nigerian Healthcare Foundation to restore health and hope

Faces of Hope Gala 2016; NHF; Nigerian Healthcare Foundation; Doctors provide medical care in Nigeria

The Nigerian Healthcare Foundation, one of West Africa’s most beloved nonprofit organizations comprised of doctors and nurses who carry out medical missions to improve the health of Nigerians in rural communities, will once again host its annual fundraiser on Saturday, Apr. 2, from 7 p.m to 11 p.m.   The highly anticipated “Faces of Hope… Read More

The ultimate baby bag: TOMS expands its One for One mission with bags, birth kits

TOMS is a company that has built a strong business model on the foundation of a simple concept: giving back to those in need. Through its unique One for One mission, TOMS started off by matching every pair of shoes purchased with a new pair of shoes for children in need. From there, TOMS expanded… Read More

Hot topics in health: Researchers suggest value of paleontological approach to cancer treatment

The fight against cancer has been one of the most perplexing in medicine. Despite exhaustive research on treatments and combative methods, the many forms of this resilient disease continues posing one of the most serious health threats and remains a leading cause of death in populations around the world.   While a majority of cancer research… Read More