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Amazon drops Apple, Google products: Who loses more?

The popular e-commerce company Amazon has made the decision to no longer sell Google and Apple streaming media players that aren’t easily compatible with its own streaming service.     According to Amazon, the Google Chromecast and Apple TV video streaming devices have compatibility issues with the company’s media-streaming service, Prime Video. Amazon sent an email… Read More

Tech’s biggest name: What to expect from Google’s new parent company

Alphabet logo

In December, Alphabet will officially become the parent company of Google. The creation of an umbrella company will help to separate Google’s core business units from the companies and patents it acquires and new projects it pursues.   Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will transition from Google into new positions as CEO and… Read More

Phone booths may regain their relevance with the help of Google

Image of a phone booth

Payphones may be considered obsolete with the invention and popularity of cell phones, but Google plans on changing that.   In May, the Google financed startup, Sidewalk Labs, was created to make technological changes that will enhance efficiency in U.S. cities. The company recently announced its investment in LinkNYC’s plan to repurpose 10,000 New York… Read More

Google unlocks plans for “Project Vault”

Google I/O's 2015 logo

This past weekend, people gathered in San Francisco for Google I/O, a session set “for developers — the creative coders who are building what’s next.” Of the numerous topics discussed at the two-day long conference, Google revealed their ideas for the new “Project Vault.”   Regina Dugan, vice president of engineering for Google, told the… Read More

Google crowdsourcing crisis highlights dilemma for brands seeking to empower public

Image of someone holding a phone in their hand with the Google Maps application in use.

Google has officially set things straight after its crowd sourcing approach to content building led to the appearance of racial slurs in Google Maps search results.   The search algorithm responsible for stirring up controversy made it so that users who searched for the terms “nigga house” or “nigger king” on Google Maps were directed… Read More

Google’s self-driving car to hit roads this summer

Google's self-driving car driving down

In recent weeks, the world has been been exposed to technological marvels ranging from industrial desalination to homes that can be powered by personal batteries. Google plans on taking the next step towards creating a popular tech previously only found in science fiction: the self-driving car.   Google has been working in-house on developing the… Read More